Salma Gottfried

Chief Brand Officer

Born and raised in Mexico City, Salma deftly blends the organized approach of a brand manager with the fluidity and expression of an artist. A modern dancer in another life, Salma retains her creative expression through personal passions, such as abstract photography. Her adventurous spirit has guided her through many successful twists and turns on agency and client sides.

Salma led Account Management departments at two of the top multicultural agencies in the US, driving innovative campaigns with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Gatorade, and The Home Depot. Therefore, it was no surprise to her team when she was recognized as a “Woman to Watch” by the American Advertising Federation.

Salma gives back to the city that welcomed her as she is on the Board of Directors at the Dallas Arboretum and was the SVP/Marketing at the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau. Now, as a founding partner of BeautifulBeast, she thrives in the freedom and experimentation that is natural in our agency and brings proven leadership, business acumen, and solution-oriented processes to her teams and her clients.