Amazon Music:

Here’s to the Game Changers

Here’s to the fearless. The stubborn. The legends.
The artists who’ve left a legacy and an open door for other Latin talents on the rise.
Here’s to the Game Changers.

Amazon Music is a global streaming service that truly understands that Latin Music is not a genre or a single demographic. Its content programming reflects the market’s complexity, diversity, nuances, and richness of culture.

Colon Cancer Coalition:


March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.
Our campaign used the juvenile joke to normalize talking about colonoscopies.
We -ahem- inserted ourselves into every relevant conversation on Twitter for the entire month. By the end of the program, there was an increase of over 50% in scheduled screenings versus a year ago.
Mission accomplished.

erenzia beauty:

Your story. Own it.

erenzia beauty is redefining a space that celebrates the sense of individual beauty and reinforces the importance of recognizing each person’s heritage while respecting others.
Erenzia is a brand created to enchant, unite, and empower the Latino community.

Our team has had the opportunity to contribute to creating the brand from scratch, with a positioning strategy and personality that are touching the hearts of Latinas in the United States.
This is the type of project that any agency dreams of having.

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El Rio Grande Latin Market:

“Superhero” Hiring Campaign

As many companies struggle to attract and retain employees, our approach was to show how vital their work is for the company and the community. We wanted to emphasize how significant their impact is on inspiring the next generation. Because to our kids, we are all superheroes.

Not only this Hiring campaign became a branding effort, but it also delivered over 10M impressions, and 6K attributed career page views.

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Ponle Color

WarnerMedia commemorates LatinX Heritage Month by recognizing Mexican engineer Guillermo González Camarena, inventor of color TV.  

TNT, tbs, and truTV celebrate the color and vibrancy that the Latinx community brings to the entertainment industry. 

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Pizza Patrón:

La Chingona Pizza launch case study

Pizza Patrón is a regional chain focused on the Latino segment. When they launched the spiciest, most badass pepperoni pizza, there was only one thing to name it: La Chingona. We created a campaign that included radio, digital, and PR. The Limited Time Offer pizza sold out in half of the projected time. When the spiciest food is not hot enough, that is chingón.  

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Avocados From Mexico:

#GUACWORLD Super Bowl case study

Avocados From Mexico used the Super Bowl to communicate the versatility of guacamole. Our digital campaign created a perfect world where you have everything you need – except tortilla chips. We combined selfies and emojis to create Picmojis, among other experiences. The brand was the most talked about during the game, according to the Merkle report, and saw an increase in purchase consideration, even months after the game. Welcome to Guacworld.

Encanto Pops:

Catrina & Mariachi posters

Encanto Pops is a local store that offers the most authentic Mexican paletas in Dallas. For their grand opening, we created these posters to communicate that the flavor of Mexico is contained in each popsicle. We also created the logo and the brand personality. 

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Avocados From Mexico:


Avocados From Mexico launched AvoEatery, an avocado-centric restaurant in Dallas. Since the menu was exquisite and Instagrammable, it was worthy of being displayed in a museum. 

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Glad Large Trash bags are designed with ForceFlex technology to give extra flex as it expands around sharp edges and heavy loads, so you can pack it in without ripping. So let’s put that theory to the test. This one is a classic. 

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Outdoor campaign

BanCoppel offers the best way to receive money in Mexico from the U.S. with over a thousand locations, an extended schedule, and even an option for direct deposit to an account; there’s no need to risk facing so many obstacles in the city.


Save the little piggies

Piggy banks have been victims of senseless abuse by companies that charge too much for international money transfers. Xoom was one of the first companies that simplified the process.

So was it a coincidence that PayPal acquired Xoom precisely after our campaign aired? Maybe.

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Two years after María case study

PRXPR is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Puerto Rico recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017. Two years after the storm, we created this campaign to keep Puerto Rico and the needs of its people top of mind, in a current state of affairs in which new natural disasters happened almost daily. The campaign reached over 500,000 social media users, with a click-through of over 4%. 

After all these years, Puerto Rico still needs our help.