Mauricio Del Castillo

Chief Digital Officer

Mauricio has a BA in Business and Global Affairs from the Panamerican University in Mexico City. He started his career in finance, but given his entrepreneurial spirit and interest in science and tech, he went down the rabbit hole of understanding how digital algorithms work. This curiosity turned into an opportunity, driving him to leave his position as Director of Finance at one of the largest telecoms in Mexico to launch a digital marketing firm.

Since then, he has led 9,367 advertising campaigns and has been responsible for 15,979,083 conversions (and counting). In the world of analytics, preciseness matters to generate results.

Under Mauricio’s leadership, his team created strategies and campaigns with over 40 billion impressions in the US, Europe, and Latin America. So there is a high probability that you have seen one of their ads, which we hope was relevant to you.

Now at BeautifulBeast, Mauricio champions the idea that content on its own is not king. Instead, powerful ideas, the proper handling of data, and a superior understanding of the algorithm are the trifecta that rule. Mauricio and his family reside in Miami, Florida.