Nury Quevedo

Director of Finance & HR

Nury has made Miami her home. After handling procurement responsibilities at one of the world’s largest telecoms, she made the switch from Mexico City to the Magic City. In Miami, she’s held leadership positions in finance departments and served as Director of Marketing for a top television network in Latin America.

Nury has continuously demonstrated an ability to organize teams and solve problems within a business. In addition, her trajectory in telecom and television has allowed Nury to experience both sides of the business: as a client and on the provider’s side.

Her financial management skills and marketing experience make Nury a powerful ally to clients, vendors, and our internal teams. Additionally, she is committed to fostering an inclusive and empowering culture within our agency. Nury embodies our belief that collaboration helps us achieve Beautiful results.

In her free time, Nury is a dedicated member of the 54D exercise program.